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Web sites:
Art Knows A wide-ranging two-year blog from London writer Tom Flynn
Artnet News The mega-site’s weekly roundup of artworld news from all over the globe The best daily compendium of English-language cultural news – subscribe!
CultureGrrl Veteran journalist Lee Rosenbaum’s frequently updated, often combative, blog
Edward Winkleman
The only blog written from the perspective of a young Chelsea dealer Filmmaker and collector Greg Allen’s thoughts on the cultural sphere
A roundup of arts-related news from India (and the rest of Asia)
Modern Art Notes By Tyler Green, the longest-running, and perhaps best-read, arts blogger
Modern Kicks Wide-ranging blog from New England’s mystery arts writer “JL”
The Art Law Blog Manhattan lawyer Donn Zaretsky’s commentary on artworld legal cases

Artforum (New York)
ArtNews (New York)
The Art Newspaper (London)
Art Review (registration required) (London)
Frieze (London)
Monopol (Berlin)
NY Times Arts section (New York)

The Art Dealers, Laura de Coppet, 2002 – 55 interviews re “How the Art World Really Works”
Art in Theory, 1900-2000, Wood and Harrison, 2002 – A useful anthology
Art of the Steal, Christopher Mason, 2005 – Page-turner about the auction antitrust suit
Art Worlds, Howard S. Becker, 1984 – Classic art sociology text
Canvasses and Careers, White & White, 1993 – If you think the art world is changing now…
Freakonomics, Leavitt and Dubner, 2005 – Not an artworld book, but useful for its thinking
Grove Book of Art Writing, Gayford and Wright, 2000 – A useful compilation
The Invention of Art, Larry Shiner, 2001 – An incisive history of the art/craft dichotomy
Landscape with Figures, Malcolm Goldstein, 2000 – Detailed history of US art dealing
Manet to Manhattan, Peter Watson, 1992 – The grand tour of the market’s history
Museum Inc, Paul Werner, 2006 – A harsh but interesting take on the Krens effect
On the Way to Work, Hirst and Burn, 2001 – Mainlining into the mind of artstar Damien Hirst
A Portrait of the Visual Arts, Kevin A McCarthy, 2005 – Reviews relevant research and policy
Pricing the Priceless, William D Grampp, 1989 – Hard-core economist looks at art
Rembrandt’s Enterprise, Svetlana Alpers, 1995 – Revisits the grandaddy of art entrepreneurs
Seeing Out Loud, Jerry Saltz, 2003 – Compiles five years of the critic’s crystalline prose
Supercollector, Hatton and Walker, 2000 – Rarely fair, often interesting Saatchi bio
Tales from the Art Crypt, Richard L Feigen, 2000 – The dealer pulls no punches in this memoir
Talking Prices, Olav Velthuis, 2005 – Sociological take on the price-setting rituals of galleries
Understanding International Art Markets and Management, Iain Robertson, 2005 – Essays
Visual Shock: A History of Art Controversies in American Culture, Michael Kammen, 2006
Why Are Artists Poor? Hans Abbing, 2004 – Quirky policy book by Dutch artist/economist

Artnet price database – Search hundreds of thousands of auction prices
The Baer Faxt -What real insiders read (and forward to each other)
– Amazing interactive scheduler for organizing meetings
Oanda – For currency conversions
Time and Date – A multiple-time-zone meeting planner