Artworld Salon’s current comments policy stands as follows:

Approved panelists only. To add comments to the posts on this blog, one needs a username and password. At first, we’ve limited those to people with whom we have personal experience, but this will change in time.

No anonymous commenting. Why? In order to avoid the ax-grinding, water-carrying and sniping that plague so many blog comment boards. Yes, we realize that this means certain people won’t feel free to comment on certain issues publicly. But it’s a price we’re willing to pay, because we’re trying to promote quality content, not maximum verbiage. That said, if there’s a burning issue you want to raise or point you want to make, but won’t risk losing your job/clients/friends over, feel free to email us via and we’ll consider posting the material.

No shameless self-promotion. Can commenters mention their own article, site or artistic project? Sure, if it’s germane to the topic at hand. But this site should not be treated as a promotional platform.

Stay focused.
As a rule, we request brief comments that speak to the point of a given discussion thread. But this is not a quipping contest. So if it takes a couple of paragraphs to make a point, that’s fine

Stay civil. Flame wars, trolling, and other violations of netiquette will not be tolerated, just as such boorish behavior would get someone kicked off discussion panels in the real world.

Final cut. We reserve the right to remove any comment without notice. Likewise we reserve the right to withdraw commenter status altogether. We’re not eager to exercise either right, of course.

Disclaimer. Notwithstanding the above, each writer is fully responsible for the content of his or her own posts and comments. The opinions expressed are their own; Artworld Salon as an entity, and its founders as individuals, accept no responsibility for these posts nor liability therefrom.

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Policy last updated: February 2007