Miami debrief

south-beach-miami-beachDepending on which papers and blogs you read, the art fair in Miami either was or was not as subdued as last year, the big fair either was or was not so huge as to be unnavigable, the parties were or were not as hedonistic as in the past, the art market was or was not back with a vengeance–and so on. On the the whole, there were many reasons to be happy and to be entertained. The truth is, Miami’s art fair week is so vast, so complex, so overwhelming and inexhaustible, that everyone’s personal experience will be different. What were your impressions?

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  1. From our vantage point at the satellite fair PULSE, it looked very much as if most galleries had done much better this year than last year. Not only were sales much, much higher all the way around, but institutions were looking again (last year we saw very few curators) and we saw the tell-tale sign that the market is strengthening: the art consultants were back in force.

    Two types of art seemed to do well. That by well-known artists and that which fell into the “I’ve never seen anything like that before” category. Dealers who reported selling out their booths generally had solo exhibitions up. Likewise dealers who reported no sales often had solo exhibitions up (suggesting altogether that some kind of work is selling strong and other kind of work not at all).

    Universally, more dealers reported stronger follow-up potential this year over last year, leading the mood across the board to be ever so much lighter than in 2008.

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