“Artoon” – The book!


With one new year behind us, another one looms in a fortnight.  The Chinese Year of the Ox is supposed to be a year of hard work for limited return. Maybe if Lehman’s analysts had been looking at their Chinese horoscopes they might have seen some problems coming.

For those of you with time on your hands and no books left from your holiday reading list, we recommend a compilation of “Helguera’s Artoons: Cartoons about the Art World,” recently published by Jorge Pinto Books, with a forward by our own Andras Szanto.

With far too many pundits making comparisons to the Great Depression, perhaps a little light relief is what we need these days. Though interestingly, the effects of the doom and gloom vary widely around the globe–at least based on the holiday conversations I have had.  What is it like where you are?

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  1. It’s funny, only two days ago a reporter for the New York Times asked me the same question in our local Starbucks. Not being representative of the quite wealthy community (I am hardly scaling back on my manicures) I declined. But the Times was here for a reason – the folks with two houses on the water and the two clubs to go with, the private schools and the live-ins, apparently can’t afford to go out to eat.

    I am not worried about the art tours, however, as I have always kept it small. In fact, I am excited about being a guide in the telling of this story, however it unfolds. This week we visit the first show of contemporary art in Christies New York branch of Haunch of Venison, and will ride up and down the elevator at Ana Tzarev with Marian Goodman just above. There are stories, treasured anecdotes, in these places that have fresh value for me, precisely because of the unknown factors behind who survives and who does not.

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