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OPS_sample.jpgIs the age of mass produced art finally dawning? Artworldsalon received the following solicitation from China:

Welcome to the Oil Painting Studio.

We have been successfully working with fine art galleries and artists internationally for over a decade. Our museum quality realism is created by 25 of Chinese most skilled artists. Each artist has been formally trained and has received their degree from many of the finest art universities in China and abroad. Our artists have afforded our numerous clients, including art galleries, established artists, private parties and other interested individuals, the ability to increase their customer base, realize a much higher profit margin and acquire perfectly executed fine art oil paintings.

We are presently working with galleries, fine artists, photographers, digital designers and private parties who are interested in realizing a faster way to create a highly lucrative environment by offering extremely high quality oil paintings at the most competitive pricing in the industry. We have worked successfully with many noted artists world-wide and offer our clients an unconditional binding contract in regard to their privacy and source of their oil paintings.

We have always and will continue to respect international copyright laws. Your order of original art whether created from digital, photographic or any other form will never be recreated for another client. Each of our artists works inside the framework of their own specialty whether portraiture, landscape, marine, floral, still life or what ever your personal need may be. Our extensive community of fine artists is capable of creating exactly the fine art oil painting that you order. We offer an unconditional money back guarantee to all of our clients if you are dissatisfied with your shipment.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. Please contact us by e-mail with your requirements. Individual orders by private parties are gladly accepted. Deeper discounts are available on larger orders. Please contact us for details.


The Oil Painting Studio.

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  1. I know of one conceptualist already taking advantage of (er, I mean exploring) the ramifications of this service in his own work. And I know of other artists considering using the service to facilitate ideas they have. (Steve mentions the same in his linked comment.) In the end, it’s merely another tool at artist’s disposal. It may increase the importance of connoisseurship, but that’s a good thing in my opinion.

  2. Apparently we can expect not just mass produced art but a mass produced art world courtesy of the Chinese government. A recent news summary in Artforum, by way of Süddeutsche Zeitung, reveals that “in China, there are more galleries than artists,” and that the government “has taken notice of the impact of contemporary artists on economy, tourism, and promotion”, leading to “old factories…turning into Hamburger Bahnhof–look-alikes overnight, with a mixture of art centers, galleries, book stores, and ateliers for artists, architects, and designers.”

  3. This Just in from Andrea Claire in New York.

    I am a painter but work part-time for a large-ish design firm in NY that specializes in hospitality, casinos, restaurants etc. I was working on a 5 billion (yes, that’s a B) dollar project recently in the office: a casino in Singapore. My firm was contracted to do the interiors. There is an art consultant on the project but as the interior designers we can suggest what we are interested in seeing in the spaces. As an artist I was excited about this, thinking that I could have some input, maybe get some good art in the place. However, what I learned, with a wink and a nod, was that the “art consultant” would be taking the images we suggested and have the work copied by art factories like this one in China, at a fraction of the cost to the client…

  4. The Oil Painting Studio appeared in my Inbox early this morning. I offer their text verbatim.

    Dear Sir and madam
    Allow me to introduce: We are the Oil Painting Studio.
    We would like to offer our painting and giclee prints services to you.We have 30 highly skilled professional artists and have been over 12 years of experience creating paintings for our client worldwide. We work to creating with commercial or professional artists and galleries in Europe and America. And they are both praise our professional high quality workmanship. all of Our clients are very satisfied with our works, using our services for their business or artshow always.
    We safely and professionally pack and ship your paintings through FedEx or DHL.
    Please send us an email describing what you want for the paintings, and the approximate size. We will send you a pricelist. the Shipping cost is based on your location and paintings amount.
    I hope that we will have a chance to cooperation and be good friends!
    We are Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards
    The Oil Painting Studio

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