Art greets Capitalism

ZengHao.jpgInteresting piece on today about the state of the contemporary Art market in China. Highlights the names of the current stars, and evokes the scene at the opening of star Zeng Hao’s new Shanghai show, but also raises some concerns about the role of auction houses in the curent market frenzy.

In China’s New Revolution, Art Greets Capitalism

Auction houses “sell art like people sell cabbage,” said Weng Ling, the director of the Shanghai Gallery of Art. “They are not educating the public or helping artists develop. Many of them know nothing about art.”

(David Barbosa,, Jan 4, 2007)

Sounds like complaints we have heard elsewhere…

1 thought on “Art greets Capitalism”

  1. Indeed. Though this is not new, of course. And neither are other quotes in the article about mass production of works by people other than the artist named, and artists reps bidding at auctions of their own works.

    I still like the market here, though. For the innovation you sometimes see. For the draftsmanship that is so rarely visible in contemporary work anywhere else. And for the new artists who seem to spring up every month. Though I am getting a little tired of the preponderance of cartoons.

    And then there are the prices of today’s China Goldrush market; at all levels…

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