Tobias, keep your hands off the sculpture!

meyer.jpgEveryone I know who has seen Tobias Meyer’s preview video has fixated on his caressing the David Smith sculpture Voltri XVII and then rounding off the foreplay with the thought, “Maybe humans are imperfect, too?”Bouncy Castle Mini Jungle ouverte

But when it came to the climax, of course, things went awry: That statue was bought in last night in a sale described by Bloomberg as “Quiet.” Wonder what conclusion, if any, will be drawn by auction house re: sculpture Smith video previews fondling the merchandise.

4 thoughts on “Tobias, keep your hands off the sculpture!”

  1. Because I cannot believe that anyone falls for the pretentious claptrap that he was spouting. Because I cannot stand the self-important obsequious sales pitch.

    Because the fact that he does it and that Sothebys created the video suggests that people are influenced by it. THAT is why I don’t give current buyers much credit.

    The ingratiating and yet simultaneously condescending (neat trick) tone of the advisor website we discussed recently resonated in the same irritating way.

    And the undertone wasn’t that “the Art market is sexy”; that was the topcoat presentation veneer. The UNDERtone was “you guys are so desperate to be seen to buy the right thing we can convince you to buy anything”

    So I am heartened by the fact that the Smith was bought in after that performance.

    Maybe I need to get more sleep…..

  2. Maybe I need to start giving the buyers more credit than I supposed. I thought the tone of his introduction little better than that of the ‘advisor’ we were just discussing. Or am I being too harsh?

  3. Um, why give the buyers more credit? You never thought someone was going to spend $7.5M based on a slick video, did you?

    And indeed, it would be hard to argue against the notion that “buying contemporary art is sexy” was the undertone in that video.

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