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gallerygoogle.JPGVery interesting use of technology. Now if they could just combine this with Mappy or another route planner, that would be useful.

I imagine an interface where you choose all the shows that you want to see and then the software spits back to you the most efficient route and modes of transport – taking into account existing tube and traffic conditions. Especially in London, this would be a godsend.

Photography in Berlin and Paris with Google Maps
Recently Google Maps has linked maps from all over the world with specific information on many different locations.

Photography now and the Berlin based agency Datenflug have developed a prototype version of this service for the European Month of Photography in Berlin and Paris. All the institutions have been “pin-pointed” on Google Maps and are presented with their exhibition programmes as well as opening times, enabling interested users to find detailed information about the festival quickly and easily.

Paris | Berlin

2 thoughts on “Gallery guide Google mashup”

  1. Nice in principal if it all worked as advertised. This didn’t for me on the photog site.

    The trouble with much technology these days is that it is rushed out onto the market and road tested, so to speak with users online. Often disappointing at first tryout. In car GPS systems and online routers also are often under-informed about local traffic issues and therefore, though they will probably get you there in the end, may not get you there by the most efficient route. Sometimes extraordinarily circuitously.

    But I accept that this 2type map is a fun step in the right direction and better than not having it at all. I am just doing much musing these days on the lowest common denominator effect of much new technology. We are losing the “best” in the pursuit of the mass/cheap/easy. But it were ever thus. Particularly visible here in Beijing.

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