File under R, for “Rapidly regretted quotations,”

From the Bloomberg report on Sotheby’s sale last night:

“Contemporary art is an incredibly sexy thing to be buying right now,” said New York art adviser Cristin Tierney. “People talk about hedge-fund money, and part of it is a desire to conquer yet another market. But this is a market that’s more social, and social on an intellectual level.”

You can see her trying to save herself in that last phrase, but it’s too late. Let me save you some trouble:, complete with the de rigueur “Art as an Investment” link.

1 thought on “File under R, for “Rapidly regretted quotations,””

  1. That’s quite a mobius strip of a quote. But the article is spot on. Without exception everyone in the room complained how slow the sale was. In this strong market expectations are so high that even a 15-record night came across as somewhat of a disappointment to many people there. The party for Hugo Boss prize, however, with its bevy of models and none other than Dustin Hoffman circling the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum, made up for it all.

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