CondeNast (Art) Portfolio

Got the flyer pimping the new Conde Nast business mag Portfolio in my much-delayed mail coming from the States. Since no one I can find by Googling has blogged on this yet, three interesting things.

1. Looks like they’re planning major artmarket coverage.

2. The Art + Auction layout style adopted by Modern Painters after LTB Publishing bought the latter mag has apparently gone viral. i.e. huge headline, lots of white space – maybe even the fonts, but I’m not a font geek.

3. Despite all her best efforts, and those of her dealer Zach Feuer, to downplay it – for excellent reasons related to not wanting her to become the next David Salle – Dana Schutz seems to remain the mainstream media’s Default Artmarket Darling(TM). Behold:


2 thoughts on “CondeNast (Art) Portfolio”

  1. Ugh, I’d better come clean. It wasn’t Portfolio, but I wrote a couple of articles for another Conde Nast magazine that are indistinguishable from the one above. The editor had invited me to write about “any artist I like”.

    What they actually meant, it turned out, was any artist:
    – whose work sold for $5,000 two years ago and now sells for $100,000+
    – who’s been in a biennial somewhere
    – whose work has been bought by a non-artworld-recognizable name collector
    – who readers can fantasize about hanging out with, and
    – whose work looks great next to whatever ad is running on the opposite page.

    Maybe it’ll surprise *someone* that my attempt to reference an artist being in S.I. Newhouse’s collection were met with uncomfortable silence, but probably not.

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